Wanted to thank Matt and your delivery guys for your above and beyond service. We purchased a chair late yesterday afternoon and they were here to deliver it not a half hour later. Also , we got a call this morning from Drew to come and put the swivel on it. We decided not to do that right now, but appreciated his follow-up service.

The deliverymen couldn’t have been nicer and even complimented my mom on her deck.

Thank you so much for your top-notch service.




Thanks for the great service. Only in small town would this happen where we call our neighbors & the chair arrives in less than 2 hours.

Linda & Randy



The furniture arrived in great shape.  Exactly what we ordered.  My wife and I appreciate your service, honesty, and integrity as a retail merchant.  You do not find companies like yours in the larger cities and towns.  It is refreshing to know that small town America still exists.  David and Chris did a great job getting the furniture in the house.  I want to order one more of the TV trays.  I will be referring people to you and look forward to doing more business with you.

Mike and Linda P

Marion, IA