Two-Sided Back Supporter in Washington, IA

Spring Air Bedding EnterpiseMarshall’s is proud to sell Spring Air mattresses.

Every Spring Air mattress we sell is built in Iowa.

Presidential Promotional Collection

Buchanan Firm

This mattress has two sided technology with presidential firm foam design. With 460 zoned coils that will support your comfort needs the whole night through.

Cleveland Firm or Plush

This mattress is two sided and has the chose of plush and firm comfort. With cool gel quilting foam and your choice of plush or firm to satisfy your comfort needs.

Garfield Firm or Plush

This mattress has two sided technology with option of plush and firm to suit your comfort needs. With a cool gel quilted foam top and 850 individually wrapped coils to support back and lumber.  This mattress comes in plush and firm to fit comfort need.

Hoover ET or  HD Firm

The Hoover has a two sided technology with the option of a HD firm or  Euro-top construction. With a cool gel quilting foam top and individually wrapped and body span insulated coils. It has a firm and euro-top options for a great night sleep.


The Johnson has a two sided construction with cool gel quilted top. This mattress has gel infused hybrid foam and copper infused latex. With 1000 tri-zoned coils in the construction support all of your comfort needs.