Furniture Buying Tips

Help us to help you:

Measure, Measure, Measure. Knowing the size of your room and existing furniture can be very helpful when shopping for new furniture. Have the size of your space with you so our trained staff can work with you on a layout of the room. Decide which pieces you will keep in the room and bring along their dimensions. Take the measurements of the new furniture you are considering home and map out how they will fit into your layout.

Pay attention to color.  Bring samples of the colors you have at home, whether it’s a pillow, sofa cushion or paint chips; all are very helpful if you are adding new furniture to existing pieces. Also remember lighting in the store can be very different than your home. If possible, take swatches or a pillow home to see how the color looks in your home.

Look at the scale. Something that looks great in the store might be too large or too small for your room. Also measure to make sure that your new piece matches the scale of the furniture you already have.

Style vs Comfort. It is best to buy a piece of furniture that you will feel comfortable with for years to come. Fads can come and go, so look beyond a few months of excitement. Buy furniture that truly appeals to you and will look good even years later.

Who is using your furniture?  Know how it will be used and who will be using it. Factor in small children, pets, snacking while watching TV or playing games. A lovely cream cotton or linen upholstery that is perfect for a lightly used sitting room would quickly succumb to the heavy use of a family room.

Test before you buy.  When buying a sofa, recliner or chair, you should always test it in the showroom. The stylish sofa that you love the look of may not offer that comfy livable seating you want for your home. Your furniture should make your life more comfortable and easier. Also, open and close drawers of case goods to see if they function properly.