Mattress Buying Tips

A new mattress is a major purchase and shopping for one can be overwhelming. Here are some tips that we hope will be helpful.

Evaluate the mattress you have. Are you waking up with aches? Are you not sleeping well? Possibly your mattress needs to be replaced. The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing most mattresses every 8-10 years.

Determine your budget. Then find the best bed for your needs that fits within your budget.

Start with a store you can trust. Knowledgeable, well trained staff will pay attention to your needs and help you find the comfort, quality and price you are looking for. Share your information with your salesperson; the more information you can give will help them to help you. It’s okay to ask questions and establish a dialog.

Test drive it! Compare at least 3 different comfort levels to find out what feels the best. Lie down in all of your sleep positions and don’t rush. It can take up to 15 minutes to relax enough to feel the true support of the mattress. The more time you spend in a store, the less likely you’ll have buyer’s remorse.

Ask about options. Mattresses come in many types and sizes, some can even be made in a custom size. If it’s been several years since you purchased a new mattress the new one could be much thicker than your old one. Using a low profile box spring will set your mattress about 6 inches lower, making it easier to get in and out of bed. These lower box springs are usually included at no extra charge. If it is still too high, you may need to purchase a low profile bed frame. If you have a situation that will not allow a regular queen size box spring into your bedroom, a split queen box springs may be of help. It is worth the up charge to have the size of bed you want in your room.

Do you like to sit up and read or watch television in bed? Check out the option of an adjustable power foundation for your new mattress. With the backlit wireless remote, programmable custom position, preset TV and zero gravity positions, dual variable intensity massage and 4 stylish upholstery options you can create a relaxing retreat in your own home.

Delivery and Disposal. After finding your perfect fit in a mattress, getting it home can pose a problem if your store doesn’t offer delivery or disposal of your old mattress. Ask about this service.

Protect your investment. Using a stainproof mattress protector will keep your mattress clean and stain free and keep your warranty valid. Pads and protectors can be removed and laundered keeping your mattress fresh, clean and free from allergens, moisture, soil and mites. It’s a fact that we all perspire and loose skin cells; keeping these out of your mattress will help prevent mold and dust mites.

Allow your body time to adjust. Changing mattresses, especially if it’s a big change from soft to firm or from inner spring to all foam, can be a shock to your body. Give it 2- 4 weeks to adjust to being in proper alignment and the new support system.